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What is BOPF Tea?

Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings Tea (BOPF Tea) is a popular Ceylon tea grade. This Fannings tea has a bright reddish liquor with a strong taste. As a result, instead of a blended tea available in bags, you may experience the true BOPF flavor by purchasing this grade as loose leaf. Liquor off this tea is ideal even for the casual tea drinker for their day-to-day use. Simply this is the grade for your daily morning teacup.

BOPF Tea Benefits

BOPF tea can help Boost Heart Health, Improve Gut Health, Reduce Blood Pressure, Reduce the Risk of Stroke, and Reduce the Risk of Cancer.

Why Arunalu Tea is a Better Choice?

the Best Brand in Sri Lanka


How to make a perfect cup of tea? Ceylon BOPF Tea



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Arunalu Tea


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